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Build Your Vehicle, Grab Your Guns, And Hit The Arena... This is Gonna Hurt.............. And You're Gonna Like It!!!!!!
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PostSubject: RULES FAQs!   Mon Oct 25, 2010 9:40 pm

Here’s answers to all the rules questions kicking about the garage floor!

Does the center of my vehicle need to cross over an Electronic Activation Point to trigger its effects?

No. If any portion of your vehicle crosses over an EAP, roll on the appropriate chart and see what kind of chaos ensues!

Does the center of my template weapon need to cross over the center of the target vehicle to cause damage?

No. If any point of the target vehicle is under any point of the template, roll that weapon’s damage dice and compare it to the Target Number of the target vehicle. Similarly, if any point of a vehicle crosses over an oil slick template, it suffers the oil slick effects.

Do Consecutive Moves add to my target number when working out damage dice from EAP explosions or skidding into terrain?

Nope! Consecutive Moves, as a theory, represent the constant movement of a vehicle making it more difficult to acquire as a target by a potential shooter or rammer. Triggering an EAP with explosive effects, sliding errantly into terrain, or even having terrain pop up under you (in the case of raising and lowering arena walls), uses the vehicle’s BASE TGT score without modifiers from Consecutive Moves.

Do Consecutive Moves add to my vehicle’s target number when working out sustained damage effects such as fire from a flame weapon?

No. As with explosions and terrain, sustained damage means that the shooter already targeted you last turn (and your Consecutive Moves would have applied). Since you were already set on fire last time and it is sustained, there’s no benefit from CMs… just the base TGT number of the en fuego carro!!

Can I be set on fire from multiple flame weapons per turn?

Yes. Each flame attack causes 1 Structure (STR) point of damage and puts a flame counter on the target vehicle for sustained damage. It is possible to have multiple flame tokens present on a vehicle at once, each causing sustained damage! Such is the way of life in the arena!
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